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We're recently retired and taking up the RV lifestye. We''ll use this blog to tell our story about our retirement, travels, adventures and our new business.

What a summer it was

Of course, were long out of summer now but it’s taken me a while to get back to writing.

It was a wild, wild summer of weather. We drove out to BC through snow storms, rain storms, floods and rock slides. On the drive out we barely missed both rock slides and separate floods by a matter of hours.

When we crossed the Rogers Pass, we were out of the snow but not the rock slides or floods. The following images don’t show the carnage, just how beautiful B.C. is in the spring. And then we arrived at the Williams Lake Stampede Campground for our yearly visit.

I’ve told this story in another blog but here is the short version. Shortly after we arrived at the Campground we were offered the job of Hosts. We snapped up the opportunity. We wanted something to do while we were in Williams Lake visiting relatives. Working at the campground got us outside in the sun, allowed us to meet people from all over the World, improved our health by building an “exercise” program and improved our minds by forcing us to get involved in new activities and thinking through problems.

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I reviewed the Campground in a previous post.

I have to say operating the equipment at the Campground was a challenge at first. It’s been while since I had that kind of job; almost 40 years since I worked in a Provincial Park. I made a couple of embarrassing mistakes like installing a mower blade upside down which caused the mower to shake horribly and bending a blade on the Toro that really made the main lawn look odd. Thankfully, easily fixed and grass grows. Oh yeah, and the timer on the irrigation system took some book studying. I now have the confidence that I can work with my hands.

We had a very successful Health Education Presentation by Michelle Ball at the Signal Point Casino. Also Drew Pasay conducted some very valuable training sessions for Distributors in Williams Lake. We organized and advertised the events. It’s difficult to take on new skills but very rewarding when the results improve so many people’s lives.

The big event of the summer was the Williams Lake Stampede which filled the main campground and overflow for nearly a week. We even made tent sites for tourists that discovered the Rodeo while passing through. It’s an event worth seeing and we had extremely few issues with the large crowd.

The Stampede is run by volunteers. Their dedication really made an impact on me. I plan on following up on this in another blog.

The Fire. Williams Lake was evacuated while we were out of Town at a wedding. Glad we missed the evacuation of 11,000 City residents and nearly as many from the immediate area. Were told the lights went on for miles. Amazingly, no injuries.

The City was evacuated except for emergency response personnel and a few hundred residents to keep essential services running. That went on for 3 weeks before we could return.

Over 1.25 million hectares of BC burned. There were hundreds of fires including the 5 that threatened Williams Lake. Homes, businesses and landmarks were destroyed.

It was my second life lesson of the summer to see the determination and kindness displayed during this time.

Several Children staying in the Campground created a very sweet tribute to first response personnel. Williams Lake Fire Department sent an Engine and crew down to say you’re welcome.

Childrens Tribute to First Facebook capture

Fires across BC and Alberta made for some glorious sunsets.

Much of BC continued to be smoky long after the evacuation was lifted.  We were not considered to be essential personnel so we could not return. The Stampede Grounds was used as a temporary relocation area for livestock and people from the immediate area. Lorraine Smith and her volunteers kept the main functions of the Campground running.

When we returned to our RV we were so thankful that it was safe. We should not have worried because Fire Departments from around BC were being housed at the Stampede Grounds but never having been through something like this we expected the worst. We had experienced a much smaller fire in Saskatchewan summer of 2016 that resulted in black rain and very thick smudge on the RV. Nothing like this in summer 2017.

All our family and friends were successfully evacuated to Prince
George or south to the Kamloops area. Thankfully, everyone remained safe. The wait to return home was hard on everyone.

The campground did take some work to restore. The grass had all turned brown and the buildings needed some looking after. Tourists modified their routes to avoid the smoke and the remaining fires which meant traffic was pretty light for a few weeks. But everything came back and looked beautiful by mid-August.

We’re so grateful that we had chance to meet so many new friends, visit with old friends including those at Della’s school reunion, spend the summer with family, work on our Juice Plus business, recover some long lost skills and continue to improve our health.


— End —





Our Connected Home

I’ve always thought having a connected Home would be cool. We used to go to a lot of show homes and how intelligent they were impressed me. I saw controlling alot of features from a panel. Nice, but costly and not that convenient.

But the cost of a new build with that technology always struck me as too much to pay. So we’ve searched for more affordable solutions. I say we but it’s mostly me. But my wife recently gave me the best birthday gift of Google Home. What a sweetheart!!!!! It was her idea too, with no prompting from me.

We started a few years ago with no real plans in mind; just with the overall goal that it must be affordable with no major renovations required.


We discovered Nest first. We were moving in so we had some repairs to do. First thing was to replace the old thermostats. I wanted a modern appearance and the ability to create schedules to control our utility costs. Nest thermostats fit that need and allowed for remote control. I’ll talk about security later.

We had some electrical issues, what old house doesn’t. Our electrician suggested replacing the existing smoke detectors. Nest also has combined smoke carbon monoxide detectors with the additional features of built in night lights. As you walk around the house at night the detector will automatically turn on a night light. We have three of these devices in the house.

2017-11-26 12.36.39
Nest Smoke, carbon monoxide detectors with night light

We also have a couple of Camera’s that are pointed at the exterior doors. We can monitor the comings and goings at our doors no matter where we are.

2017-11-26 12.40.22
Nest Cameras & App

Legrand Light Switches

We wanted to update the appearance of our home and make it ours. I first discovered Legrand because of their unique appearance. Then I thought about the features that can be added. We settled on adding dimmers, fan switches and automatic lighting to some of the rooms. Our main floor bathroom will automatically turn on the lights as you enter and turn them off when you leave.  It’s handy for guests and at night.

2017-11-30 11.54.44
Dimmers & Light Switch Motion Detector

Google Home

Thats where we stood with our home automation for a couple of years. Then Della discovered Google Home and I got one for my birthday and a couple of Google Mini’s for Christmas. They were all easy to install. Once the first was installed the second and third took on the same settings. I love this concept. They were affordable; especially on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. They did not require home renovations. They are instantly useful. I especially like having music playing in all the rooms of our house. Just create a group and all the devices play music. You can also just play music in the room you’re in. They are voice enabled. So from your chair or bed you can control them. You can also connect devices from other manufacturers. The list is pretty long. The one I found had an immediate use is Hue Lights.

The feature I like best is in the morning. I can tell Google to turn up the heat on both furnaces. I can ask it to tell me about my day. It replies with the date, time, appointments on my Google Calendar and starts the news of my choosing.

Hue lights

I always think about lighting in terms of convenience and security. Sometimes fun. Hue lights fit those bills. Several of our lights are now voice enabled and connected to Google Home. We can turn on lights in our bedroom or family room with voice commands. I did elect to install a colored Hue light in the Family room. Costlier than LCD bulbs but they do say they have a long life. We’ll see. Using voice commands we can change the color of the light. It’s kind of fun when watching sports. Our red light didn’t help the Stamps at the Grey Cup but maybe next year.

Integration with Google Home is accomplished by installing a Gateway. I started with a Startup Pack that included the Gateway and 2 bulbs. Super easy to setup and done in an hour tops including integration with Google.

2017-11-30 11.56.06
White and Colour lights

Tower Garden

We have a hydroponic indoor garden called Tower Garden. It supplies us all winter long with fresh vegetables for salads and smoothies. It’s lights and pump are all controlled by timers so I don’t have to intervene.

2017-11-26 12.32.01
Tower Garden with lights and tomato cage


It’s troubling to think about being hacked and putting personal information on the Internet. With any connection you establish check out the companies terms and conditions. Certainly protect your connection with a router, VPN and virus software. Then proceed as you see fit.

— End —


Why we chose the Juice Plus+ Business

We’ve never been entrepreneurs before. Why now?

You probably know that Della and I have had some health issues. Reluctantly on my part, we listened to a friend who believed she had an opportunity for us. One that would assist with our health issues and one that would allow us to semi-retire and fulfill our travel wishes. Sounded too good to be true so I made up all sorts of excuses why it couldn’t be true based on my past.

But, I reached a point where I couldn’t stand the discomfort any more and asked our friend to come back. She was great about introducing us slowly to the product then the business. I struggled along the way. I’m as skeptical as any man I know. Yet time after time I was proven wrong and she was proven correct.

Along the way, my health has improved and I’ve regained my mobility, stopped taking some of my medication, lost weight and inflammation, and taken a part time job that gets me outside all summer long using my hands and my mind. I’ve another part time job in Networking marketing as a franchisee of the Juice Plus+ company. And proud of it too.

Both Della and I have semi-retired. One of our fears was that we’d be watching Netflix all the time. It’s not the case. We meet people daily to discuss the products and the business. It’s a joy to help people improve their health, lifestyle and finances. Another rep introduces himself as helping people look good, feel good and make money. That’s a wonderful introduction that pretty much says it all.

Some of the energetic, fun loving entrepreneurs we’ve met are in the following video from The Freedom Project. Five people talk about their experiences with the product and the business. Notice that its people of different ages. Many millennials are taking advantage of the time freedom.



John Holowaty is a Network Marketer from the United Kingdom with a very large organization. Watch him debunk some of the common myths about network marketing.

What about the risk?

There is no risk. It’s $50.00 C for your franchise. You don’t have product overhead, the company looks after payments and shipping. You are provided a virtual office and a website. We just have to share our story. Our office is where ever we have an Internet connection. If we’re in Cochrane, in the RV, or just have our cells, we can work.

I’m not a salesman

Neither are we. We do care about our health and want to make an impact in our community. We also want to help people. We do this by sharing our story.

It’s a pyramid scheme.

They are illegal. They also involve the person at the top being paid by the people under her. You may decide to develop a team but they own their own franchise and don’t pay you. Also, you don’t have to develop a team if that’s not for you.

I don’t have the skills.

I’ve always worked in public service. I’ve been a Deputy Chief in Emergency Services, a programmer and business analyst in Information Technology, an Investigator and Supervisor in Transportation and Corporal in Highway Patrol. Only a small part of those skills translate into what I do now. Your up line will provide the training you need as long as you step up. There are a lot of local, provincial, national and international events that will both motivate and train you.

Finally, this is a short corporate video showing the business opportunity.

Della and I consider joining Juice Plus to be one of the best and most important decisions of our life. If you’d like to improve your health and wealth, get in touch.


— End–



The Simplified Science behind #1 Nutritional Product.

Della and I are Juice Plus+ lifers. Why? Two main reasons. We know it’s improved our health AND it’s backed up by research.


What do I mean by research. A fair number of companies now claim they have research. No they don’t, not like this. Juice Plus+ is the number one researched product of its kind in the world. Read More

Research conducted by Juice Plus+ is:

  • randomized
  • double-blind
  • placebo controlled
  • tested on the product itself
  • human clinical trials
  • published in peer-reviewed journals
  • ethical

Juice Plus+ has a very high impact factor. Meaning the research is stronger and more valuable. Research conducted has been done by very credible hospitals and universities around the world, not by internal company labs.

What has the research found?

  1. The nutrients in Juice Plus+ are bio-available. Meaning your body recognizes the nutrients and uses them.  This is not the case with many supplements and vitamins which are excreted from your body.  In order to be bio-available, the nutrient must reach your bloodstream. 19 studies have found the nutrients in Juice Plus+ increase the antioxidants in your blood.
  2. Adults have seen improvements in gum bleeding, a reduction in plaque build up and improved pocket depth.
  3. Heart Health. This is a study that really interested me since I have had heart issues. “Juice Plus+ produces positive effects on several measures of vascular health.”
  4. Immune system. Studies have shown the severity of upper respiratory challenges, reduced missed work days, and increases in the number and activity of immune cells in the body.
  5. Since there is a history of cancer in my family this is another study near and dear to me. The antioxidants in Juice Plus+ have been shown to reduce DNA damage. Research also shows the level of inflammation was changed beneficially after Juice Plus+ intervention.
  6. Reduces oxidative stress by increasing anti-oxidant levels in the body. Rice University has an explanation of Oxidative stress at 
  7. Healthy skin. Juice Plus+ increases micro-circulation and boosts skin hydration, thickness and density.
  8. Systemic Inflammation. I believe inflammation is the source of most illness. Juice Plus+ has been shown to decrease levels of several key bio-markers of inflammation.
  9. Quality of Life. A study of ovarian cancer survivors Juice Plus+ improved quality of life, phyto-nutrient markers and cell health.
  10. Obesity. A study conducted on boys 6-10 years saw increased beta-carotene levels, improved insulin resistance and reduced abdominal fat.
  11. Lung Health. Improves lung function and diffusion capacity


Source: Juice Plus+ Clinical Research Quick Reference Guide.

All of the research studies are available individually. The Quick Reference Guide was recently produced and puts all the research under one cover using commonly used language.

Putting it out to the Universe

Della and I have learned that if you put your good thoughts out to the Universe; it will come back to you. This sounded like Hocum to me but I’ve come to believe in it. Besides what’s the point of being negative.

Our best recent example happened this past summer. We learned of a job at a campground we visit every summer. We applied for the job but weren’t successful. Still we remained positive. When we arrived at the campground for our yearly visit with relatives, within 3 days we were offered the job.

Of course its called the “Law of Attraction”.  It’s a concept that the entrepreneurs in our business study and talk about regularly.  As we’ve developed our business we’ve learned a lot from this group. We’ve attended a lot of events and have had the chance to hear and talk to some industry leaders in some beautiful locations.

Kelowna, BC

How does this relate to Law of Attraction? Well just 3 years ago Della and I had some health issues.  We reached a breaking point. We chose to retire early and work on our health. Fortunately, a former co-worker kept reminding Della of a product that helped with her postpartum depression. Within 4 months we both noticed significant improvements in our health. Within the year, we both realized this was a path we wanted to tell others about. It’s like we put our thoughts out there and the universe provided.